You've landed an interview. Congratulations! The hard work you've put into writing your resume, networking, and gaining experience has paid off. Now to land the job, you'll need to prepare and practice your interviewing skills. Don't have an upcoming interview? That's fine too. You always want to be prepared to talk about your qualifications and experiences.

Metropolitan College Students

If you are a Metropolitan College participant, needing to complete your CAPP mock interview requirement, you will need to schedule your mock interview on you MyMC page.

Prepare for Your Interview

Preparation is essential to be successful and interviewing is no exception. Maximize your interviewing success by following these preparation tips:

  1. Two-Minute Presentation: Create or update your Two-Minute Presentation to make sure you can market your skills and experiences.
  2. Resume: Update your resume and make sure it is tailored to your career field.
  3. Reference Sheet: Compile your references using the Reference Page Worksheet.
  4. Research: Research the organization before the interview. Doing this homework will demonstrate your interest in the position. Locate information about an organization by reviewing their website, reading local business publications, and searching for additional information on LinkedIn or Hoovers.
  5. Practice Questions: Practice your responses to questions an employer could ask.
    • Review these commonly asked questions. You will likely be asked several of these questions, so preparing your response beforehand will increase your confidence.
    • Prepare yourself to be able to respond to industry specific questions. Think of key examples and skills that relate to your career field.
    • Learn the best approach to answering behavioral based questions. Employers use these types of questions to learn about how you have responded to situations in the past, which is often an indication of how you will respond in future situations.
    • Practice answering difficult questions by viewing videos, completing workbook pages, and testing your knowledge with several assignments. Log on to KY Career Edge and select > Professional Development > Answering Difficult Questions.
  6. Practice Interviewing Types: Practice different types of interviewing that employers might request, including video and phone interviews.
    • Familiarize yourself with the interview process by viewing videos, completing workbook pages, and testing your knowledge with several assignments. Log on to KY Career Edge and select > Professional Development > The Interview Process
    • Review these phone interview tips (pdf). You will likely be required to participate in a phone interview at some point, so you should prepare in the same way that you would for an in-person interview.
    • More employers are requesting that candidates participate in video interviewing instead of a face-to-face meeting. A common platform that is used to conduct these interviews is Skype. Learn strategies to perform well during a Skype interview by reading these Skype interviewing tips (pdf).
  7. Dress: Make sure your outfit is professional and industry appropriate by checking out these dress for success guidelines.
  8. Additional Suggestions: Review the Interviewing Resource Sheet (pdf) for additional preparation suggestions.
  9. Interactive Lessons to Prepare: View videos, complete workbook pages, and test your knowledge with several interview assignments. Log on to KY Career Edge and select > Professional Development > Preparing for the Interview

Participate in a Live Interview Simulator

Practice your interview skills with a Live Interview Simulator. This tool will allow you to practice your answers, practice utilizing a web camera, and then have an opportunity to evaluate your skills by watching your recorded interview.

  • Log on to KY Career Edge
  • Select: TOOLKIT
  • Select: Interview Simulator Trainer

Schedule a Mock Interview Appointment

You’ve probably heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Schedule an hour-long practice interview, also called a mock interview, with a CREW Counselor to practice your interviewing skills. You’ll receive feedback on your interviewing preparation, answers to common and industry specific questions, and next steps to ensure your interviewing success.

Schedule a CREW Appointment

Follow-up After Your Interview

Your work is not done after the interview is over.

  • Analyze the interview. Ask yourself how you did, what questions you answered well, and what you can do to improve moving forward.
  • Send a thank-you note to the employer. You want to continue making a good impression long after you’ve left the interview and a thank-you note will help you do that.
  • Evaluate the Job Offer. In addition to salary, it’s important to consider the additional benefits that the employer is offering. You should consider this total package before making a decision. For assistance with salary ranges, utilize the following: