Become a Job Search Pro

Did you know it takes the average job seeker up to 6 months to find a position? The CREW Center has several resources that can help you prepare early for a successful job search. Reviewing job search preparation steps, identifying employment opportunities, and finding non-paid experiences that connect with your goals are all resources available to you. Are you a student seeking on-campus employment? Don’t worry; we can help you too!

Prepare for Your Job Search

Follow these steps to ensure your job searching success:

  1. Narrow down your career focus because the most successful job search is targeted to a specific industry. Determine how your interests, abilities, values, and education relate to job opportunities. If you need assistance in clarifying your academic and career goals, complete the TypeFocus career assessment.
  2. Research the job market for your desired career field.
  3. Create or revise one or more focused resumes tailored to your career goals. Read through the descriptions of jobs that you are interested in pursuing and include skills the employer is seeking in your resume.
  4. Market yourself online to employers by creating an online career portfolio (see Promoting Yourself Online (pdf)) and a LinkedIn account.
  5. Network as much as you can. 80% of positions are never advertised, so who you know matters.
  6. Polish your interviewing skills. You want to be sure you are able to communicate your related experiences and qualifications to an employer in your career field. Review the Interviewing Resource Sheet (pdf) for assistance.
  7. Watch this video to learn tips and resources to prepare you for the workforce or to transfer to a four year institution.

Find a Job

Regardless of your career field, you can utilize these resources to access numerous part and full-time opportunities.

  • View and apply to recent jobs openings that employers have posted for you to see on our job board.
  • Search for openings using online job search portals. Online job search portals are a great way to find local and national open positions. Search these popular job search websites to get started:
  • If you don’t find a position you’re looking for on a popular job search website, identify companies you would like to work for and look there. Many companies will only advertise openings on their websites.

Find On-Campus Employment

(for current JCTC students only)

JCTC students work on campus each semester in a wide variety of paid and unpaid positions. These jobs offer students a chance to obtain valuable work experience, develop workplace skills, and network with faculty, staff, and other students.

Find On-Campus Employment

Find Non-Paid Experiences

Non-paid work experiences are valuable. Volunteer work and involvement in campus and community organizations is a great way to develop your skills, make networking contacts, and get related work experiences that you can put on your resume.

Schedule a Job Search Appointment

Schedule an hour-long appointment with a CREW Counselor to receive guidance, direction, and resources for your job search. Appointment availability is updated on a monthly basis. Schedule a job searching appointment.

Schedule a Job Search Appointment (JCTC Downtown)

Schedule a Job Search Appointment (JCTC Southwest)