Thank You Note

You should always send a thank-you note immediately after the interview. A thank-you note serves to confirm your interest in the organization and shows appreciation for the interview.

Guidelines #section

In your thank-you note…

  • Refer to specific details about the interview.
  • Remind the potential employer of your qualifications.
  • Include any key information you forgot to bring to the employer’s attention during the interview.
  • The thank-you note can either be typed or handwritten. If you know the company is going to make a quick decision about the candidate or if you have poor handwriting, then you should email the letter.

Create Your Thank You Note

Utilize the Thank You Letter Builder to create a well-formatted and organized Word document. Log on to KY Career Edge and select > Toolkit > Thank You Letter

Example Note #section

Check out the example below:

Your Name
City, State Zip Code
Phone Number

Today’s Date

Name of Person who interviewed you
Their title
Name of company
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. or Ms. (last name of person who interviewed you):

Thank you for discussing the Certified Nursing Assistant position with me today. I believe this position matches my personality and qualifications, and I want to express my continued interest in the job.

In the interview, you mentioned that the person in this position must have excellent interpersonal skills, a strong attention-to-detail, and a willingness to work in a large team. I hope that you were able to witness these qualities in me during our meeting, as well as my positive attitude and desire to learn more about the nursing profession.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at (your phone number) should you need further information from me. I am very excited at the opportunity to join your team.


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