Create a Great Resume

You only have about 15-20 seconds to grab an employer’s attention with your resume. Learn the best ways to format your resume and tailor your skills and experiences for your career field. Not looking for a job yet? That’s ok. It’s never too early to get started. Writing your resume now will help you identify crucial skills and experiences you may be missing.

Metropolitan College Students

If you are a Metropolitan College participant, needing to complete your CAPP resume requirement, please refer to your MyMC page for instructions and next steps.

Get Started

As you begin writing your resume, do the following:

  1. Format your resume in a way that is professional and easy to read. Review the Resume Worksheet (pdf) to learn formatting suggestions with examples.
  2. Review sample resumes to get formatting and content ideas.
  3. Incorporate some of the Top Ten Skills employers look for when reviewing resumes. Be specific about how you have demonstrated these skills.
  4. Include strong action verbs to describe your experiences.
  5. Review your resume by using the Resume Audit Worksheet.
  6. The most effective resume is a resume that includes the skills and experiences important in your career field. To write a career field specific resume, you should:
    1. Review sample resumes to learn how others have made their resumes industry specific.
    2. Locate your major or career field and review skill statements specific to your industry.
    3. Find your career field on ONET to determine additional relevant skills.

Create Your Resume

Create a resume in a Word document and utilize the resume examples listed above to format your resume. If you would like additional assistance with formatting, utilize the KY Career Edge Resume Builder tool to create customize resumes and select from a variety of Word document formats to customize the look. BEFORE you create your first resume draft, please review all of the information in the "Get Started" section listed above.

To create your resume draft, log on to KY Career Edge and select > Resume Builder > Create New Resume

Schedule a Resume Appointment

Schedule an hour-long appointment to receive in-depth resume development assistance from a CREW Counselor. Prior to your appointment:

  1. Resume Worksheet (pdf) and/or the resume samples.
  2. Create a resume draft using Microsoft Word or the KY Career Edge Resume Builder tool.

Schedule a CREW Appointment

Get Feedback on Your Resume: Resume Dropbox #section

Would you like quick feedback on a draft of your resume? You can use the Resume Dropbox service to receive feedback on your resume within 2 business days. Read these tips before submitting your resume:

(Note: Metro College students completing CAPP resumes should not submit their resume to the Dropbox. Log on to your My MC page for directions.)

  1. Review the Resume Worksheet (pdf) and resume samples for assistance in formatting your resume draft.
  2. Do not use a resume template. (Making changes to a resume template is difficult)
  3. Resume feedback will not be stored by our staff. Be sure to save the document with feedback to a USB drive and bring that document into our office if you need additional assistance.

Submit Your Resume and Cover Letter

Develop a Reference Page

You will usually need 3-4 professional references when you apply to a position. A reference should be an individual who can provide positive feedback regarding your work or academic experiences; supervisors, professors, volunteer or student organization contacts, and colleagues are examples of commonly used professional references. Be sure to ask permission before including the reference’s contact information on a reference page.

Write Your Cover Letter

You also leave a lasting impression with your cover letter. The cover letter is your opportunity to address why you are applying to a specific opportunity and why you would be a good fit at that company. The cover letter can also serve as an example of your writing skills.

  • Review the Cover Letter Resource Sheet to learn how to create your cover letter.
  • Utilize the Cover Letter Builder to create a well-formatted and organized Word document. Log on to KY Career Edge and select > Toolkit > Cover Letter