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The CREW Career Center has many services and resources available for Jefferson Community and Technical College Faculty & Staff, including online workshops, career assessments for FYE 105 students, and Handshake, the job platform used by JCTC.

FYE 105: Career Assessment Modules #section

FYE 105 classes are required to complete the TypeFocus Career Assessment, and online career planning modules. Learn about the modules and prep for the assignment here.

FYE 105 Career Assessment Faculty Guide

Requesting Workshops #section

At the CREW Career Center, we're dedicated to empowering students at every stage of their career development journey. To ensure the most effective use of our resources and to address the diverse learning needs of our community, we have carefully considered the format of our workshops.

Our online workshops, thoughtfully designed for students embarking on early career exploration, provide a flexible and self-paced learning experience. These digital resources serve as a valuable supplement to your courses, enhancing the understanding of key concepts and skills.

Requesting Online Workshop

We offer several online workshops aimed at helping students with their career development that can be utilized through Blackboard. Below are the workshop topics and request guidelines:

Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to CREW Career Center (Career Exploration)
  • Introduction to Resume Writing
  • Introduction to Cover Letter and Reference Page
  • Introduction to Interviewing
  • Introduction to Job Search and Salary Negotiation

Steps to Access the Online Workshop

  1. Complete the Online Workshop Request Form by clicking on the button below.
  2. After reviewing your request, a CREW Counselor will reply to the email listed and confirm your request within 5-7 business days with a zip-drive to load on your course shell.

Submit Online Workshop Request Form

Requesting In-Person Workshop

The CREW Career Center offers in-person workshops to meet two needs for the campus community:

  • Customized Learning Needs
    • The in-person workshop is for a specialized population in which tailored services are imperative to student retention or achieving targeted workforce placement. (Example: Summer Bridge; BIT 502 etc.)
  • Campus-Wide or Workforce Specific Initiatives
    • The in-person workshop is for a large group of participants (30 or more) that demands hands-on training, interactive demonstrations, or immediate feedback. These sessions provide an immersive learning experience that extends far beyond the confines of digital learning. (Examples: HUB workshops; faculty and staff training, etc.)

Steps to Request In-Person Workshop

  1. Complete the In-Person Workshop Request Form by clicking on the button below.
  2. After reviewing your request, a CREW Career Center Counselor will reply to the email listed and confirm your request within 7-10 business.

Submit In-Person Workshop Request Form

Due to high student traffic, workshops will be unavailable during the following months:

  • JANUARY (available after first three weeks)

Connect students with employers using Handshake #section

Faculty and staff members can set up a Handshake account to view the online job boards and connect students with employers. Employers love connecting with faculty and setting up an account can help you be a career resource to your students.

For more information on setting up a Handshake profile use this guide.

Please note: You will use your KCTCS email to create an account, but it will change your user name to jefferson.kctcs.edu, be sure to change the username manually back to kctcs.edu.

Share your experience with the CREW Career Center #section

Share your experiences with the CREW Career Center and showcase your student's participation with our services.

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