JCTC FYE 105 Career Assessment Modules

If you are a JCTC student currently enrolled in FYE 105, follow these steps to complete the FYE 105 Career Assessment class requirement. Faculty members can use the Faculty Guide for additional TypeFocus resources and materials.

Step 1: Getting Started #section

This module will introduce you to the importance of career planning and will provide you with an overview of the TypeFocus career assessment. You will be required to take a quiz at the completion of the module, so read carefully.

Begin Module

Step 2: TypeFocus Instructions #section

Print the TypeFocus log-on instructions, which contain your access code, before beginning Step 3.

Print TypeFocus Log-on Instructions (pdf)

Step 3: TypeFocus Assessment #section

TypeFocus is a career assessment. Upon taking the assessment, you will hopefully have a clearer idea of how your interests, abilities, and values connect with academic programs and careers.

Begin TypeFocus Assessment

Step 4: TypeFocus Research #section

Use this handout to research occupations on the TypeFocus assessment.

TypeFocus Research Instructions (pdf)

Step 5: Final Survey #section

Please complete this survey once you are finished with these steps.

Complete the Final Survey