Prepare for Life After JCTC

Most JCTC students tell us they are attending school to pursue a career. The CREW Career Center provides support and services in-person, by appointment, walk-in and on-line to support your career goals. Begin your preparation for your career as soon as you begin at JCTC!

Create a Resume

Students should begin to develop a resume their first semester at JCTC. Not only is a resume an essential tool in marketing your candidacy to employers, it can also be a helpful career planning tool. A CREW Center Counselor can help you develop a customize resume, identify gaps in your candidacy, and provide you with tools and resources to fill these gaps during your time at JCTC. Review these action steps below to get started:

  • Schedule an appointment to receive customized career coaching targeted to your goals.
  • Use the content from the Resume Smart platform or submit your own resume draft to the Resume Dropbox. You will receive feedback from a counselor within 48 business hours.

Prepare for a Succesful Interview

A resume will lead to an interview…but a successful interview will lead to the job! The CREW Career Center can help you communicate to employers how your coursework, experiences and interest make you the ideal candidate for the job. Get help in the following ways:

  • Schedule an hour-long practice interview, also called a mock interview, with a CREW Counselor to practice your interviewing skills. You’ll receive feedback on your interviewing preparation, answers to common and industry specific questions, and next steps to ensure your interviewing success.
  • Review the Interview Resource Guide for additional interview preparation assistance and tips.

Online Branding

Technology has made it easier than ever to network with professionals in your career field. Students should work on their on-line branding throughout the time they are enrolled at JCTC. CREW can help you learn how to take control of your on-line brand!

  • Review the LinkedIn Profile Checklist (pdf) to make sure you have the best possible LinkedIn profile.
  • Develop a career portfolio to market your experiences, accomplishments, qualifications, and more.
  • Schedule an appointment to receive assistance with creating a LinkedIn Profile or Online Career Portfolio.

Identify How Military Experience Relates to Career Goals

Search codes or titles from the Military Occupational Classification (MOC) to identify the skills that you can market to future employers by using the ONET Crosswalk.

Prepare for Continued Education

If you are considering pursuing a 4-year degree after JCTC, it is important to plan your academic path as soon as you start at JCTC. A transfer advisor can educate you about program eligibility, required coursework, application process, and much more!

  • If you are intending to transfer to the University of Louisville, then you should contact the ULtra program.
  • If you are intending to transfer to another institution, then you should contact the JCTC Transfer Center.