Fulfill Academic Advising Essentials

JCTC Advisors will provide students with the information, resources and support to assist students in making effective decisions that hold both personal meaning and the potential to maximize future career opportunities. 

Complete Starfish Intake Form

Starfish is utilized by faculty and staff to support students in their academic success by tracking advising appointments, making referrals, giving students KUDOS for a job well done and providing an early alert to let students know what they need to do to be successful.  Students should complete their profile, upload a picture, and complete the intake form.  If they do not complete the intake form during JCTC orientation, then they should complete this during the first week of the semester.  Students can also request help through this system on anything related to student success at JCTC by selecting “Raise Your Hand”. To access Starfish, do the following: 

  1. Log-on to Blackboard
  2. Click on the Starfish tab in the top right hand corner
  3. Locate the Starfish Intake Form

Complete Academic Program Plan (APP)

During your academic advising appointment, your advisor will review and complete an Academic Program Plan (APP).  APPs outline the courses necessary to earn the listed credentials.  To obtain your completed APP, ask an advisor to email you a copy or to print one out. Your completed APP can only be accessed on Starfish by a JCTC faculty or staff member.  Click here to learn more about JCTC's APPs. 

Create Academic Plan

During your meeting with your academic advisor, you will create an academic plan which includes declaring a major, discussing your career goals, selecting the appropriate courses, determining the timeline for completing your courses, and identifying resource to support your goals. Review the following resources for help:

  • Use the JCTC Catalog for a list of all the courses available at JCTC in an academic year.
  • Review your APP to ensure you are completing the necessary courses to earn a credential.

Know Your Financial Aid Eligibility

In order for students to be eligible for financial aid, students must make “satisfactory academic progress (SAP)”.  SAP includes maintaining a certain GPA, successfully completing a minimum number of credit hours each semester, and completing a degree program in a specified timeframe. Review this SAP resource to learn additional information. 

Meet With Your Academic Advisor Each Semester

JCTC offers walk-in and by appointment advising.  Students should meet with an academic advising each semester to review their academic plan, discuss concerns, plan course schedules, and receive referrals for services that will support your academic and career goals. Use the following resources to get started:

  • Explore the Academic Advising page for all important advising related information.
  • Log-on to Starfish to schedule advising appointments and to complete the intake form.

Know How To Register

After students meet with an academic advisor, students can register themselves for classes. Review the Online Registration Information for help.

Know Your GPA

College GPAs are important!  A good GPA is required to obtain a degree, maintain financial aid eligibility, apply to competitive admissions programs for a 4-year degree, meet eligibility for co-ops and internships, be eligible for scholarships…and sometimes be eligible for a job!  Use the GPA Calculator to find out your GPA today. NOTE: When using the calculator, select the letter grade “F” when trying to calculate a JCTC letter grade of “E”.