Set Academic and Career Goals

JCTC supports your desire to find a meaningful job after you graduate! A career assessment can help you define your personality, interests, and values; demonstrate the connection between academic programs and career paths; and locate detailed information about various occupations.

Complete Career Assessment

JCTC students will complete the career assessment, TypeFocus, in their FYE 105 course. If you do not enroll in FYE 105 or want to retake a career assessment, you can visit the CREW Career Center or complete the modules on-line. Review the steps to complete the TypeFocus assessment and interpret your results here.

Decide on a Career and Major

After completing Type Focus, students will complete a series of assignments to help narrow choices about a career and major. You can also visit the CREW Career Center for one-on-one career coaching. Once you decide on a major and career, you can begin your exciting journey of piecing together your course work and out-of-class experiences to lead you to graduation and a job! Use the following resources to help you:

Update Major

To be eligible for financial aid, and to ensure you are receiving proper academic advising, all students must ensure that their student account reflects their accurate major. Students cannot be listed as “undecided” or “pending." Use the Self-Service Change Major Form to change your status.