Supervisor Training

As a supervisor, you must complete these training modules prior to beginning of the first semester you supervise a student employee.

Step One: Student Worker Training Program Review

(6 minutes)

This module will review the content your student employees have reviewed in the student worker training modules and the overall purpose of this program.

Begin Module 1

Step Two: Under Resourced Student Guide

(5 minutes)

This module will equip you with tips and strategies to coach and mentor Under Resourced students.

Begin Module 2

Step Three: Supervisor Expectations

(5 minutes)

This module will review steps for hiring a student worker; training requirements the student will complete; and details about ongoing training opportunities.

Begin Module 3

Step Four: Resources and Forms

(5 minutes)

This module will review the resources and forms you will need to complete with your student worker.

Begin Module 4

Step Five: Final Survey

(1 minute)

Please complete this survey when you are finished with the modules.

Complete Survey