Student Worker Training

As a student, you must complete these training modules within your first two weeks as a student employee.

Step 1: Campus Literacy

(5 minutes)

This module will introduce you to JCTC’s campuses, campus organizations, student populations, and electronic resources.

Begin Module 1

Step 2: Customer Service Strategies

(7 minutes)

This module will prepare you to best serve students, faculty/staff, and campus visitors.

Begin Module 2

Step 3: Professional Dress and Workplace Etiquette

(5 minutes)

This module will teach you how to dress professionally for your student worker position, along with tips to be successful in completing your job tasks.

Begin Module 3

Step 4: FERPA Agreement

(1 minute)

Print out this agreement and give it to your student worker supervisor.

FERPA Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)

Step 5: Tip Sheet

(1 minute)

Review this tip sheet for a review of important points covered in the modules.

Additional Tips Sheet (pdf)

Step 6: Final Survey

(1 minute)

Please complete this survey once you are finished with the modules.

Complete Survey