Student Worker Training

As a student, you must complete these training modules within your first two weeks as a student employee.

Step 1: Campus Literacy #section

(5 minutes)

This module will introduce you to JCTC’s campuses, campus organizations, student populations, and electronic resources.

Begin Module 1

Step 2: Customer Service Strategies #section

(7 minutes)

This module will prepare you to best serve students, faculty/staff, and campus visitors.

Begin Module 2

Step 3: Professional Dress and Workplace Etiquette #section

(5 minutes)

This module will teach you how to dress professionally for your student worker position, along with tips to be successful in completing your job tasks.

Begin Module 3

Step 4: FERPA Agreement #section

(1 minute)

Print out this agreement and give it to your student worker supervisor.

FERPA Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)

Step 5: Tip Sheet #section

(1 minute)

Review this tip sheet for a review of important points covered in the modules.

Additional Tips Sheet (pdf)

Step 6: Final Survey #section

(1 minute)

Please complete this survey once you are finished with the modules.

Complete Survey