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The Online Career Guide Mentor Program is offered entirely online via email and supports the professional development of currently enrolled Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) students and Metropolitan College (MC) students and alumni preparing to enter the workforce.

This mentor program is designed to connect students with professionals who will serve as their "Career Guides" for brief, one-time feedback in one or more of the following areas: Resume Review, LinkedIn Profile Review, and Career Portfolio Review.

Career Guides and students can maintain contact beyond the one-time feedback session, if mutually agreed.

How It Works

  1. Schedule an appointment to get your career document approved by MC/CREW staff for mentor match referral (Now offering phone and online appointments)—MC/CREW staff will determine your eligibility and readiness for mentor program during appointment. Career document must be up-to-date and customized for intended field.
    1. JCTC Students: Send an email to and attach an updated copy of your career document for review.
    2. Metropolitan College Students: Schedule an Agreement/General Office Appointment on your MyMC Page and upload an updated copy of your career document to your MC Portfolio.
  2. Register to be matched with a mentor—Complete the online Career Guide Student Request form (5 minutes) provided by MC/CREW Career Center and receive a match notification email with mentor’s professional background information (3-5 business days).
  3. Discover next steps for career development - Receive a notification email with one-time feedback from mentor (up to 14 business days).
  4. Share your experience—Complete the Student Satisfaction Survey (2 minutes).
  5. Thank your mentor—Send thank-you email, and maintain contact—if mutually agreed.

Note: Communication among Career Guide Mentor and student are through Career Guide online forms only. This mentor program does not help facilitate face-to face interaction. Our goal is to match Career Guides with students who share similar career interests; however, all networking relationships are deemed valuable and can contribute to professional growth, knowledge sharing, and innovative ideas. Students may contact MC/CREW Career Center to request unlimited mentor match referrals to help build their professional network.

Mentor Match Closures

Due to the busy time of the semester and winter break closures, mentor matching will be closed December 1 - January 1. Any student match requests or volunteer mentor applications received during this time will be processed once the office reopens.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements at the time of registration:

  • Must be a currently enrolled JCTC student or MC student/alumni
  • Must have earned a minimum of 30 credit hours and clearly defined career and academic goals
  • Must have previous or current work experience developed through full-time or part-time employment, volunteering, co-curricular activities, co-ops or internships, etc.
  • Must update and customize career document for intended field

Note: Metropolitan College participants must complete the CAPP 30 Credit Hour Requirement prior to mentor match referral. See MyMC Page for details or contact a MC Student Development Counselor.

Career Guidance Areas

  • Resume Review | Receive "one-time" feedback on your resume and learn how to promote your skills and experience to employers. Review the Resume Packet and contact a MC/CREW counselor to learn how to get started. Note: ONLY DOC, DOCX, AND RTF FILES ARE SUPPORTED.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review |Delivery Method: Email - Receive "one-time" feedback on your LinkedIn profile and learn how to market your personal brand, network with professionals, and showcase your relevant skills and experience to employers. Review the LinkedIn Profile Checklist and contact a MC/CREW counselor to learn how to get started. Note: Privacy settings for LinkedIn must be set to "Make my public profile visible to everyone". You can change your privacy settings after you receive feedback from the Career Guide.
  • Online Career Portfolio Review| Receive "one-time" feedback on your online career portfolio and learn how to brand your candidacy and effectively highlight relevant skills and experience to employers. Review the Promoting Yourself Online Resource Sheet and contact a MC/CREW counselor to learn how to get started. Note: Privacy settings for online career portfolio must be set to "public" or allow anyone with the direct link to access the website. You can change your privacy settings after you receive feedback from the Career Guide.



  • Monitor email for Career Guide communications
  • Follow proper business email etiquette and always proofread
  • Be open to feedback and conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times
  • Remember that mentors are not required to maintain contact beyond the one-time feedback session


  • DO NOT ask for a job or internship


  • Build and expand professional networks
  • Get career advice and support for professional growth
  • Discover strategies and tips for improving job candidacy


Contact Renecia Griffie Davis at 502-852-2534 or via email at

Interested in Becoming a Career Guide Mentor?

We are always looking for employers and professionals to offer career guidance to our students. If you want to volunteer or know someone that would make a great Career Guide Mentor, click here to learn more and get started.